Biddinghuizen – Brussels Mai 24 2019: In order to continue growing its ambitious, internationally-oriented breeding program responsibly, the family-run company SCHAAP HOLLAND B.V. in Biddinghuizen, acquired 5% of the Brussels-based Breeders Trust shares earlier this week.

Breeders Trust was founded in 2008 to monitor the enforcement of Plant Breeders’ Rights. Every year, millions of euros are invested in the breeding of new and promising potato varieties. Breeders Trust has been in the news regularly to address infringements on breeder’s rights, as well as illegal production, trade, and use. However, it also provides information explaining the importance of using certified seeds.

Hans Geling, Director of Consumption and Seed Potatoes from SCHAAP HOLLAND is thrilled about joining Breeders Trust. Together with a close-knit group of potato breeders, we invest considerable resources into the development of breeds and research. We therefore appreciate the importance of joining forces in the international arena, to strengthen the enforcement of the rules and regulations around Plant Breeders’ Rights. Mr Geling stated that they are confident that Breeders Trust would represent their interests in the proper manner.

Geert Staring, General Director of Breeders Trust, is also pleased with the recent entry of SCHAAP HOLLAND as a shareholder. For us, it’s a confirmation that we are doing well and it’s encouraging to see that SCHAAP HOLLAND is ambitious with regard to its international breeding programme. This commitment is confirmed by their entry into the Breeders Trust fold, according to Mr Staring.”


Information for the press:

More information about SCHAAP HOLLAND can be obtained from:
Mr. Hans Geling
Director Schaap Holland B.V
Tel: +31 321 335 050

More information about BREEDERS TRUST can be obtained from:
Mr. Geert Staring
General director Breeders Trust N.V.
Tel: +31 622 833 895