Corné van Beers new director of Breeders Trust

Brussels, 22 December 2023

As of 1 January 2024, Corné van Beers (53) will be appointed as General Director of Breeders Trust Ltd company located in Brussels. Corné succeeds Geert Staring, who has reached his retirement age. Breeders Trust was founded in 2008 and currently consists of 12 leading European seed potato breeding companies. Since 2011, 10 grass seed breeding companies have become members of Breeders Trust. Detecting unlawful copying of varieties protected by plant breeders’ rights, illegal cultivation and trade are of the utmost importance for a healthy sector. Breeders Trust ensures that unauthorized cultivation and trade in protected varieties is tackled, Plant Breeders’ Rights are respected and that attention is paid to the fight against illegal practices with seed potatoes and grass seeds.

Corné van Beers has been working for Breeders Trust as a project manager since January 1st 2012 and was in that role responsible for the interests of the affiliated grass seed breeding companies. The difference between potatoes and grasses is that in the grasses the main focus is on illegal seed practices. Fewer varieties are legally protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights than it is the case in the potato sector. Is the variety mentioned on the attached official label actually included in the packaging, is a question that comes up regularly in the grass seed chain. Corné van Beers started his career as an inspector at the Plant Health Service in the Netherlands and continued as a special investigating officer at the General Inspection Service/food safety authority NVWA.

About Breeders Trust
Breeders Trust supports the participating companies when it comes to the follow-up and enforcement of Plant Breeders’ Rights. It is ensured that license fees are paid in a timely manner for the propagation of varieties and that cultivation and trade take place within the applicable regulations. In this way, Breeders Trust contributes to the continuity in the development of new varieties and fair production and trade. More information about Breeders Trust can be found at: