BREEDERS TRUST expanded with new German member

Brussels, November 16th 2023: the German seed company P.H. Petersen Saatzucht Lundsgaard GmbH recently joined the Brussels-based Breeders Trust at the autumn meeting. It was recently held on Malta, where the members agreement was signed. Matz Petersen, general director of the German P.H. Petersen Saatzucht Lundsgaard GmbH states: ‘I am proud of becoming a member[…]

Fraudulent Polish Grass Seed placed on EU market

Brussels, December 6th 2022: The Brussels-based Breeders Trust represents the interests of plant breeders rights of the most prominent Western European grass seeds breeding and trading companies. Breeders Trust states that in recent years they repeatedly came to the conclusion that certified seed of one of the biggest selling perennial ryegrass varieties, namely Bokser, in[…]

Using Remote Sensing techniques to recognise potato varieties

Brussels, 4 October 2021. In the September edition (page 48 -50) of the European Seed magazine (, @EuropeanSeed), Geert Staring, director Breeders Trust explains together with Guido Mangnus, director Geo4A,  the spectacular results of the first years’ pilot project ‘Using Remote Sensing techniques to recognise potato varieties’. More information you can read by clicking here[…]

Video interview Breeders Trust by European Seed

On October 12, 2019, Geert Staring, general director of Breeders was interviewed by  ‘European Seed’: European Seed is the premier issues forum for seed industry leaders. In an recently held interview with Marcel Bruins (editorial director) in Stockholm, Geert Staring explains where Breeders Trust stands for and how he looks at illegalities, infringement and enforcement[…]


Biddinghuizen – Brussels Mai 24 2019: In order to continue growing its ambitious, internationally-oriented breeding program responsibly, the family-run company SCHAAP HOLLAND B.V. in Biddinghuizen, acquired 5% of the Brussels-based Breeders Trust shares earlier this week. Breeders Trust was founded in 2008 to monitor the enforcement of Plant Breeders’ Rights. Every year, millions of euros[…]

Fraud with forged NAK seed potato certificates has far-reaching consequences for the potato chain

Brussels, 6 May 2019. Shortly after it became clear last month that falsified seed potatoes certificates of the Dutch Seed potato inspection Service ,NAK (Nederlandse Algemene Keuringsdienst) were in circulation in the Netherlands and Belgium, Breeders Trust, in close cooperation with the NAK, succeeded in a short time to trace the perpetrators and was able[…]