Breeders Trust invests in variety recognition using Geo4A satellite technology

Joint P R E S S  R E L E A S E Marknesse – Brussels, 25 June 2020: the Brussels-based Breeders Trust today signed a major contract with Geo4A, a subsidiary of the Austrian company GeoVille. GeoVille specialises in the data processing of satellite images and is a leader in the field within Western[…]

BREEDERS TRUST expanded with two new German members

    Tipperary, 4 March 2020: German seed companies Rudloff Feldsaaten and L. Stroetmann Saat recently joined the Brussels-based Breeders Trust at the spring meeting in Tipperary, Ireland. Rudloff Feldsaaten is specialised in the production and worldwide trade of grass, mustard and fodder radish seeds. In addition, they also have a division focused on the[…]

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Video interview Breeders Trust by European Seed

On October 12, 2019, Geert Staring, general director of Breeders was interviewed by  ‘European Seed’: European Seed is the premier issues forum for seed industry leaders. In an recently held interview with Marcel Bruins (editorial director) in Stockholm, Geert Staring explains where Breeders Trust stands for and how he looks at illegalities, infringement and enforcement[…]

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Biddinghuizen – Brussels Mai 24 2019: In order to continue growing its ambitious, internationally-oriented breeding program responsibly, the family-run company SCHAAP HOLLAND B.V. in Biddinghuizen, acquired 5% of the Brussels-based Breeders Trust shares earlier this week. Breeders Trust was founded in 2008 to monitor the enforcement of Plant Breeders’ Rights. Every year, millions of euros[…]

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Fraud with forged NAK seed potato certificates has far-reaching consequences for the potato chain

Brussels, 6 May 2019. Shortly after it became clear last month that falsified seed potatoes certificates of the Dutch Seed potato inspection Service ,NAK (Nederlandse Algemene Keuringsdienst) were in circulation in the Netherlands and Belgium, Breeders Trust, in close cooperation with the NAK, succeeded in a short time to trace the perpetrators and was able[…]

Switching of Consumption Potatoes for Seed Potatoes Proven

(Large seed potato company from the NOP in the Netherlands caught red-handed) Brussels, 22 November 2018. Earlier this month Breeders Trust revealed a major fraud, concerning the switching of at least 200 tons of potatoes meant for consumption, to seed potatoes. Seed Company Mts. H. te Luttelgeest (the Netherlands) was caught red-handed when adding the[…]

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Stop stealing protected varieties

Madrid October 8, 2018. At the annual meeting of the European Seed Association (ESA) in Madrid, the internationally renowned magazine Prophyta has come up with an extensive article on how Breeders Trust tackles infringements on Plant Breeders’ Rights and illegal activities in the potato and grass seed market. Stealing varieties must stop, according to Geert[…]

Fighting illegal practices in forage seeds

Budapest, May 23, 2017:  In the June edition of the international Cultivar seed magazine, made available to all delegates at the ISF congress in Budapest relating to the seed industry, an article of Breeders Trust is published with the title: “Fighting against illegal practises in forage seeds. Geert Staring is the general manager of Breeders[…]

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