Fraud with forged NAK seed potato certificates has far-reaching consequences for the potato chain

Brussels, 6 May 2019. Shortly after it became clear last month that falsified seed potatoes certificates of the Dutch Seed potato inspection Service ,NAK (Nederlandse Algemene Keuringsdienst) were in circulation in the Netherlands and Belgium, Breeders Trust, in close cooperation with the NAK, succeeded in a short time to trace the perpetrators and was able[…]

Stop stealing protected varieties

Madrid October 8, 2018. At the annual meeting of the European Seed Association (ESA) in Madrid, the internationally renowned magazine Prophyta has come up with an extensive article on how Breeders Trust tackles infringements on Plant Breeders’ Rights and illegal activities in the potato and grass seed market. Stealing varieties must stop, according to Geert[…]

Fighting illegal practices in forage seeds

Budapest, May 23, 2017:  In the June edition of the international Cultivar seed magazine, made available to all delegates at the ISF congress in Budapest relating to the seed industry, an article of Breeders Trust is published with the title: “Fighting against illegal practises in forage seeds. Geert Staring is the general manager of Breeders[…]


Brussels, March 23, 2017: the seed potato breeding company Interseed Potatoes GmbH located at Wittmund Germany, recently became the newest shareholder of Breeders Trust. Breeders Trust supports its shareholders when it comes to monitoring and enforcement of the plant Breeders’ Rights and contract conditions. The aim of Breeders Trust is to create in the whole[…]

Vandel Potatoes I/S wins appeal infringement case against Knud Kristensen ApS

Brussels, December 10 2015: In September, Breeders Trust’ shareholder Danespo, through its Breeding company “Vandel Potatoes” located at Give (Denmark), in Appeal has achieved a major victory in a lengthy lawsuit against the Danish potato trader Knud Kristensen ApS, led by UNIPATATAS major shareholder Jens Kristensen. The dispute dates back to 2010 when the firm[…]

Breeders Trust interviewed for the international magazine Europeanseed

In the October 2015 edition of the leading international agricultural seed magazine “Europeanseed” Breeders Trust has been interviewed about its approach to international infringement and illegalities in the potato and grass seed business. Click here to read the whole interview. More articles in the magazine Europeanseed you’ll find on:

Breeders Trust discovers international fraud with grass seed certificates

Brussels – 3 December 2014. The Portuguese inspection service ASAE has, after a thorough investigation by the Belgium-based Breeders Trust, impounded 21,000 kilograms of grass seed with forged Polish certificates. The fraud concerns at least 3 varieties of Westerwolds ryegrass which are marketed in various countries including Portugal and France. In response to the findings[…]